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Plug Adaptors (7129)

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20mm Plasson Plug Adaptor

20mm Plasson Plug Adaptor£1.83 ex. VAT£2.20 inc. VAT

25mm Plasson Plug Adaptor

25mm Plasson Plug Adaptor£2.00 ex. VAT£2.40 inc. VAT

32mm Plasson Plug Adaptor

32mm Plasson Plug Adaptor£2.09 ex. VAT£2.51 inc. VAT

50mm Plasson Plug Adaptor

50mm Plasson Plug Adaptor£4.16 ex. VAT£4.99 inc. VAT

63mm Plasson Plug Adaptor

63mm Plasson Plug Adaptor£4.53 ex. VAT£5.44 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To Plasson Plug Adaptors


A vital component in any underground drainage system that includes Plasson products is Plasson plug adaptors. These adaptors are specialised fittings that are designed to adapt to various pipe systems and seal them with the most efficiency and security possible. They facilitate the connection of different types of pipes or the transition from pipes to other fixtures within a plumbing system, meaning they play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and functionality along with all of the other Plasson compression fittings.


Features And Benefits Of Plasson Plug Adaptors


Plasson Plug Adaptors like the 20mm Plasson plug adaptor are constructed from premium materials, and they are renowned for their strength and durability regardless of the application. The adaptors are engineered to provide a secure, leak-proof connection, which is crucial for preventing contamination and ensuring the smooth operation of water systems in residential, industrial, and commercial areas. 


The ease of installation associated with all Plasson products including these Plasson plug adaptors, is part of the reason they remain so popular. Larger options are available, such as the 63mm Plasson plug adaptor, but make sure you choose the right size for your application.


Plasson Plug Adaptors At The Drainage Shop


All of the products available on the Drainage Shop site are tailored to meet the unique demands of each customer and each different piping system. The adaptors on this page are ideal for a temporary solution. Regardless of if you are transitioning between different pipe types or just sealing off pipe ends, these Plasson plug adaptors like the 32mm Plasson plug adaptor are the perfect option. 


Despite their specialised function, Plasson Plug Adaptors are offered at reasonable prices, making them an economical choice for a variety of projects. Their affordability, coupled with high-quality construction, positions them as a wise investment for ensuring the efficiency and durability of plumbing and water supply systems, especially in challenging environments like underground installations.

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