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45 Tees (7640)

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110mm 45 Plasson Tee

110mm 45 Plasson Tee£260.47 ex. VAT£312.56 inc. VAT

63mm 45 Plasson Tee

63mm 45 Plasson Tee£50.97 ex. VAT£61.16 inc. VAT

90mm 45 Plasson Tee

90mm 45 Plasson Tee£163.92 ex. VAT£196.70 inc. VAT

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An Introduction To Plasson 45 Degree Tees


Plasson 45 Degree Tees, available at the Drainage Shop, are specialised fittings designed for creating angular connections in MDPE pipe systems. These tees are essential in both straightforward water supply lines and more complex underground drainage systems, where they facilitate a 45-degree turn in piping. These are a vital part of any system that involves water management and drainage, typical on the inside of buildings, to contrast with 


Features And Benefits Of Plasson 45 Degree Tee


Made from high-quality materials, Plasson 45 Degree Tees are durable and reliable, suitable for long-term use in various environments. Their design allows for a 45-degree angle connection, which is essential for directional changes in pipe systems, particularly in confined underground drainage layouts. 


The ease of installation, a hallmark of Plasson compression fittings, ensures a secure and leak-proof connection. These Plasson 45 Degree Tees are versatile, compatible with a range of MDPE pipes in various sizes and types, making them suitable for diverse plumbing and water supply applications.


Plasson 45 Degree Tees At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop offers a selection of Plasson 45 Degree Tees to suit different piping needs. Products in this range include the 110mm 45° Plasson Tee, designed for large-scale plumbing systems, the 63mm 45° Plasson Tee, suitable for medium-sized applications, and the 90mm 45° Plasson Tee, ideal for situations where a significant but not overly large pipe connection is needed. 


These Plasson 45 Degree Tees provide efficient and reliable solutions for various plumbing and underground drainage systems, underscoring their versatility and importance in the field

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