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90 Enlarging Tees (7740)

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25 x 32 x 25mm 90 Enlarging Tee

25 x 32 x 25mm 90 Enlarging Tee£19.96 ex. VAT£23.95 inc. VAT

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An Introduction To Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees


Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees are key components in plumbing and water supply systems, designed for seamlessly integrating pipes of varying diameters. These tees, available at the Drainage Shop, are especially useful in complex applications such as underground drainage systems, where they provide a reliable solution for enlarging pipe diameters at a 90-degree angle.


Features And Benefits Of Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tee


Constructed with high-quality materials, Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees offer durability and robustness, ensuring long-term performance. Their unique design allows for the enlargement of pipe diameters while creating a 90-degree branch, which is essential in various plumbing layouts, especially in underground drainage scenarios. 


The use of Plasson compression fittings in these Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees ensures ease of installation and a leak-proof connection. These tees are versatile and compatible with a range of MDPE pipes sizes, making them suitable for diverse installation requirements.


Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees At The Drainage Shop


The Drainage Shop provides a selection of Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees to accommodate different piping needs. Some of the products in this range include the 25 x 32 x 25mm 90° Enlarging Tee


Each of these Plasson 90 Degree Enlarging Tees is designed to address specific pipe size requirements, ensuring efficient and reliable connections in a variety of plumbing and underground drainage systems. Their quality and adaptability make them a preferred choice for professionals looking for durable and effective pipe solutions.

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