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Drainage Seals

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110mm Wall Seal (40mm wide)

110mm Wall Seal (40mm wide)£6.45 ex. VAT£7.74 inc. VAT

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An Introduction to Drainage Seals

When it comes down to drainage seals, these are an essential component in any drainage system, as similar to pipe couplings they are responsible for preventing the infiltration of water and other liquids into the pipes and surrounding areas. These drainage seals are typically installed at the point where pipes pass through walls, floors, or other structures, to ensure that the pipes remain watertight and to prevent leaks and other types of damage.

Features and Benefits of Drainage Seals

Drainage seals offer a host of different benefits should they be implemented within a drainage system, with one of the first of these being their ability to prevent leaks. As a result of these drainage seals preventing water escaping from pipes and into surrounding areas, they can play a crucial role in preventing any water damage or mould infestations and the costly repairs that often arise when encountering these issues.

Not only this, but drainage seals also play an important role regarding the maintenance of structures and their corresponding integrity, consequently ensuring the safety of any residents who may be inside. Furthermore, drainage seals also prevent ant pest or animal infestations, blocking of any entrances for them to get into a building's pipes. Moreover, as they block off these pipes from the external role, they can also aid in reducing the overall noise levels of its attached drainage system. Therefore, a quieter system is always beneficial whether it's in residential or commercial buildings. Some of the benefits mentioned can also be applied to the range of drainage tees we also have site.

Drainage Seals at The Drainage Shop

There are a number of different aspects to take into consideration before selecting the appropriate drainage seals, one of these being the size needed to be covered. Consequently, at the Drainage Shop, all of the underground drainage pipes and wall pipes we house come in a variety of different sizes, with one of the most popular of these being the 110mm wall seal, which comes with a 40mm diameter. These drainage seals in particular can be used to cover a majority of pipe openings. 

In addition to this, the drainage seals we stock within our flexible pipe coupling category are also easily fitted, regardless of the material it is being positioned on. They can be suitable for concrete structures, pimp chambers, storm tanks and manholes just to name a few, and due to their strong durable rubber construction, they are not only long lasting but also extremely resistant to any water or elements it may encounter.

On top of all of this, the drainage seals we offer at the Drainage Shop can also be used to join thin-walled pipes to other systems such as manholes or sewers. However, holistically, these drainage seals can come in a number of different variations, one of these being the compression seal, which is designed to compress around the pipe, allowing for some flexible movement, all whilst maintaining that water tight seal. Expansion wall seals are another alternative variation, with these options also being commonly referred to as inflatable seals. These inflate around the pipe they are being fitted onto via the use of air or water which once again results in a tight seal.


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