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Pipe Support

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21.5mm Rubber Lined Bracket

21.5mm Rubber Lined Bracket£1.20 ex. VAT£1.44 inc. VAT

63mm Rubber Lined Bracket

63mm Rubber Lined Bracket£1.49 ex. VAT£1.79 inc. VAT

32mm Rubber Lined Bracket

32mm Rubber Lined Bracket£1.35 ex. VAT£1.62 inc. VAT

40mm Rubber Lined Bracket

40mm Rubber Lined Bracket£1.45 ex. VAT£1.74 inc. VAT

50mm Rubber Lined Bracket

50mm Rubber Lined Bracket£1.73 ex. VAT£2.08 inc. VAT

82mm Rubber Lined Bracket

82mm Rubber Lined Bracket£1.85 ex. VAT£2.22 inc. VAT

110mm Rubber Lined Pipe Bracket

110mm Rubber Lined Pipe Bracket£2.50 ex. VAT£3.00 inc. VAT

160mm Rubber Lined Bracket

160mm Rubber Lined Bracket£3.89 ex. VAT£4.67 inc. VAT

200mm Rubber Lined Pipe Bracket

200mm Rubber Lined Pipe Bracket£4.30 ex. VAT£5.16 inc. VAT

M10 Female Backplate

M10 Female Backplate£0.71 ex. VAT£0.85 inc. VAT

M10 Male Backplate x 30mm

M10 Male Backplate x 30mm£0.75 ex. VAT£0.90 inc. VAT

M10 Studding x 1m Zinc Plated

M10 Studding x 1m Zinc Plated£2.98 ex. VAT£3.58 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

An Introduction To Pipe Support Brackets


One component that is frequently used within drainage systems are pipe support brackets. These are typically constructed using metal lined with rubber, with their unique composition providing support in a number of different ways. Pipe support brackets are some of the most common soil pipe fittings, with these commonly accompanying a range of other products due to the benefits and overall impact they can have on a underground drainage or plumbing system. 


Here at The Drainage Shop, we have a number of pipe support bracket products, each of which come in their own diameters, meaning these can be fitted onto a number of different pipes, regardless of their size.


Features And Benefits Of Pipe Support Brackets


One of the main benefits pipe support bracket products can provide is their noise dampening capabilities. The rubber lining used in their construction acts as a shock absorber, reducing vibration and the subsequent noise that may be transmitted through a pipe. This is significant if your drainage system experiences high volumes of water flowing through it.


Another thing that the pipe support bracket products can aid with is corrosion protection. Once again, this is where the rubber lining comes into play, creating a proactive barrier between the metal part of the pipe support bracket and the pipe it is fitted on. As the metal does not come into direct contact, it prevents any potential damage at the contact points, consequently extending the overall lifespan of a water or waste pipes.


In addition to all of this, a pipe support bracket can also prevent any potential movement or slippages caused by any external forces. Unsurprisingly, the rubber is involved in this, proving more friction between the pipe and pipe support bracket, resulting in enhanced grip. All of these benefits in relation to the materials can also be applied to the WC pan connectors and 160mm pushfit soil pipe system components we have on site.


Pipe Support Brackets At The Drainage Shop


At The Drainage Shop, all of the pipe support bracket products we stock are rubber lined, embodying all the qualities and benefits we have already touched upon. These range in size from the 21.5mm Rubber Lined Bracket all the way up to the largest 200mm Rubber Lined Bracket, with there being a whole host of different size options to meet your requirements.


Furthermore, there are also a number of backplates which could be used in order to secure a pipe support bracket even more. Whether you need a M10 Male Backplate or the M10 Female Backplate counterpart, both of these options are also available on site.


Despite the extra benefits all of the pipe support products offer, these manage to retain an extremely affordable price point, meaning they are one of the most cost effective fittings you can implement into a drainage system in order to increase the efficiency and overall durability of a system.

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