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What Is A Ground Reinforcement Grid?

A ground reinforcement grid is designed to help strengthen areas of ground that are expected to hold heavy loads or carry heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic to prevent it from sinking or deforming over time. Even relatively flat ground can become compacted over time through regular use, depending on the soil type beneath the surface, and this can cause potholes and depressions to appear over time. A ground reinforcement grid is a plastic mesh that helps absorb some of the weight placed on it by surface objects, spreading it out across a greater surface area and thereby reducing its impact on the ground directly below. 

Why Should I Use A Ground Reinforcement Grid?

During the design or build phase of any project it’s possible to identify high traffic areas ahead of time. These are places where there is risk that the ground may be deformed over time by the weight or frequency of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, which can cause it to become uneven and even to cause bigger issues such as sink holes that can damage property and affect nearby structures. Using a plastic ground reinforcement grid can help mitigate the problem of instability or avoid it completely, helping to spread the weight evenly across a wider area and prevent too much wear on a small space. 

There are many grades of ground reinforcement grid available, with some able to comfortably manage up to 500 tons of weight. Another benefit of using a plastic ground reinforcement grid over a solid surface such as tarmac or patio is that it is much better at draining without using extra infrastructure, because rainwater can simply drain through the cells and into the ground. This is not only cheaper, it also helps take the pressure off your existing underground drainage or channel drainage system to manage large amounts of rainwater on top of domestic use. Finally, it is possible to use a ground reinforcement grid with various different substrates including soil, grass, bark chips and gravel, making it extremely versatile aesthetically unlike solid alternatives. This type of product is also a great addition alongside your drainage channels to help with drainage due to the benefits it provides with water distribution.

What Ground Reinforcement Grid Options Are There?

The ground grid by Bielbet available at the Drainage Shop is an excellent option for most applications because it is sturdy and hard wearing while also being extremely easy to use. It comes in 335mm x 338mm x 40mm pieces that can be quickly locked together to create a surface of any size, and it can easily be expanded or reduced in area by adding or removing more tiles. This ground reinforcement grid comes with integrated spikes to help prevent slippage, and it has an anti-skid surface to help make it even more safe to walk on. Even though it is lightweight and easy to carry, the Ground Grid is resistant to extreme weather and UV damage and is made from high quality plastic that won’t rot or degrade, making it a cost effective long term solution. There is also an EZ-Roll option which can be installed by rolling it directly from a spindle for even easier application onto a surface, perfect for protecting large areas.

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