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Red Electrical Ducting

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Red Twinwall Duct 110mm x 50m Coil

Red Twinwall Duct 110mm x 50m Coil£165.00 ex. VAT£198.00 inc. VAT

Red Twinwall Duct 63mm x 50m Coil

Red Twinwall Duct 63mm x 50m Coil£76.47 ex. VAT£91.76 inc. VAT

Red Twinwall Duct 50mm x 50m Coil

Red Twinwall Duct 50mm x 50m Coil£57.95 ex. VAT£69.54 inc. VAT

Red Twinwall Duct 40mm x 50m Coil

Red Twinwall Duct 40mm x 50m Coil£52.43 ex. VAT£62.92 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items


An Introduction To Red Electrical Ducting

Ducting pipes can come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, each of which perform their own specific tasks and roles. One variation of these types of products is the red electrical ducting pipes, with these being rather distinctive from other forms of ducting purely based on their vibrant red colour. However, this feature is not just a design liberty that has been taken, with the stand out colour serving an important role to help identify what type of ducting it actually is. The role of red electrical ducting is to protect wiring, cables and other electrical systems, with them easily being identifiable during general maintenance and other repairs. Here at the Drainage Shop, we house a number of red electrical ducting pipes you can check out, each coming in a different size, all whilst offering the same benefits.

Features And Benefits Of Red Electrical Ducting

One of the main benefits of red electrical ducting is its overall efficiency when it comes to both protecting and organising pre-existing or even new electrical systems. These ducting pipes are constructed using highly durable, flame resistant materials which are heavily resistant to external impacts and other elemental factors, which only helps to increase the overall safety of a location, whether that be outdoor or indoor. 

Not only this, but red electrical ducting is also impressively efficient when it comes to organising wires and other cables, grouping them together and acting as a safe management tool. The material in use, most commonly PVC, is also extremely versatile, with it being able to be fashioned in a whole number of ways which can best suit your preferences. Not only can red electrical ducting be used above ground, but they can also be positioned under obstructions, with red underground electrical ducting embodying all of the same qualities thanks to its versatility once again.

Like we have already mentioned, the bright red colour of these red electrical ducting products can be used to easily identify this type of ducting from others such as the blue water ducting pipes. As a result of this, it ensures optimal safety for maintenance, as the distinct differentiation indicates that there is electricity at hand.

Red Electrical Ducting At The Drainage Shop

If you are in need of some regular or underground red electrical ducting , the Drainage Shop houses a number of these products, each which come in a number of different diameters. The diameters of these range from 40mm to 110mm, however one thing that is consistent across all of these is their 50m length. As a result of this, you can select the size which best suits your needs, and the lengthy span can easily be cut in order to fit in line with a project's requirements. The main type of red electrical ducting we stock is the twinwall ducting pipes. In essence, these are two different types of pipes that are welded together. One of the pipe types is smooth, whilst the other is corrugated, with the latter type being fitted on the outside. This results in a highly durable and strong exterior which can only increase the overall safety of the electrical system that resides inside. These offer unrivalled performance for professionals within the electrical industry, and all the same benefits we have already mentioned apply to this particular type of red electrical ducting.

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