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Balcony Outlet

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Alutec Elite Balcony Outlet with Terrace Grate Assembly

Alutec Elite Balcony Outlet with Terrace Grate Assembly£277.33 ex. VAT£332.80 inc. VAT

Maximum flow rate 4.7 l/s

JSC101 Sealant required to seal the supplied PVCu threaded pipe connector to the underside of an outlet. 1 tube seals approx. 10 outlet joints

Alutec Joint Sealer 310ml Clear

Alutec Joint Sealer 310ml Clear£7.51 ex. VAT£9.01 inc. VAT

Alutec Solvent Cleaner 1 litre

Alutec Solvent Cleaner 1 litre£24.58 ex. VAT£29.50 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

An Introduction To Balcony Outlet


A balcony outlet is a crucial component used in drainage systems in order to effectively manage surface water that may accumulate on balconies. These products are part of the Alutec Elite aluminium outlets range, with them boasting a whole number of key design properties that help them perform the role they are designed to do logically.


Features And Benefits Of Balcony Outlet


Balcony outlet products have a number of distinct characteristics that help them perform their role, with some of these being related to the materials used in their construction. These are often resistant to water, meaning they do not show signs of corrosion over long periods of time, hence giving them some impressive longevity, This is only reinforced thanks to the durability of these drainage outlets, being robust to withstand the rigours of water management.


Another key benefit related to the materials used in balcony outlet products is their lightweight composition. Due to these products not being overly heavy, they can be both fitted and maintained easily. Keeping in with fitting these products, they can also be integrated alongside various other drainage components seamlessly, making them extremely versatile solutions.


Balcony Outlet At The Drainage Shop


For a range of different balcony outlet options, we here at the Drainage Shop have you covered. Every one of the products on site can help you reduce the surface water accumulation on your balcony thanks to the benefits and features which have just been discussed. Even though they can have a significant impact in terms of drainage for your building, their price points are still cost effective impressively. 


The Alutec Elite Balcony Outlet with Terrace Grate Assembly is one of the main balcony outlet products we house on site, with this featuring an intricate design which can be easily fitted alongside other guttering components and pipes in order to maximise the effectiveness of your respective drainage system.

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