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Parapet Outlet

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Alutec Elite Parapet Outlet - 110mm pipe connection

Alutec Elite Parapet Outlet - 110mm pipe connection£188.44 ex. VAT£226.13 inc. VAT

*Flow rate measured at 35mm head of water, performance will dramatically increase if outlets are sumped. E.g. 100mm sump = 9.8 l/s

Units are supplied with 500mm long threaded PVCu pipe connectors

Alutec Elite Parapet Chute 300mm x 150mm

Alutec Elite Parapet Chute 300mm x 150mm£368.39 ex. VAT£442.07 inc. VAT

Alutec Elite Parapet Chute 500mm x 150mm

Alutec Elite Parapet Chute 500mm x 150mm£452.80 ex. VAT£543.36 inc. VAT

Alutec Joint Sealer 310ml Clear

Alutec Joint Sealer 310ml Clear£7.51 ex. VAT£9.01 inc. VAT

Alutec Solvent Cleaner 1 litre

Alutec Solvent Cleaner 1 litre£24.58 ex. VAT£29.50 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To Parapet Outlet


A parapet outlet is a specialised component that is part of the Alutec Elite aluminium outlets collection of drainage solutions. Generally found around the wedges of roofs, balconies and terraces, these drainage outlets are designed to be installed in or on walls, something which aids in the efficient removal of rainwater.


Features And Benefits Of Parapet Outlet


One of the key characteristics of parapet outlet products is their discreet and streamlined appearances that are either mounted or integrated into a building's wall. If aesthetics are something you want to maintain when implementing some drainage outlets, the parapet options are ideal solutions due to their unobstructive nature not distracting from any pre-existing visuals.


Another key characteristic of a parapet outlet is its highly robust construction. Thanks to the materials used in creating these drainage outlets, they boast some impressive durability, all whilst being resistant to the elements, and in turn, corrosion. Consequently, once fitted, these can remain maintenance free for prolonged periods due to their long lifespans.


Speaking of fitting a parapet outlet, this process remains relatively easy thanks to them still staying lightweight as a whole. Furthermore, these are compatible with a whole plethora of roofing materials, meaning regardless of what your building may have fixed atop of it, these products are able to be integrated seamlessly.


Parapet Outlet At The Drainage Shop


If you are in need of a parapet outlet in order to complete your drainage system or to simply improve the overall management of water for your building, then the Drainage Shop has a number of different options available, each possessing the same characteristics that have just been discussed. However, each of these still remain cost effective to accommodate various different budgets.


One of the most universal options within this range is the Alutec Elite Parapet Outlet 110mm pipe connection, with this being able to accommodate high capacities of water flow, something which is essential for this type of drainage solution.


 As well as this, there are some alternative parapet outlet products which differ in design slightly, with these being the Alutec Elite Parapet Chute 300mm x 150mm and 500mm x 150mm in size. Both of these offer smooth surfaces which help them perform their intended role, all whilst having large openings to channel water into the desired drainage system.

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