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Clark Drain Domestic Channel

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Channel Drain x 1m Galvanised Grid CLKS425/96

Channel Drain x 1m Galvanised Grid CLKS425/96£8.60 ex. VAT£10.32 inc. VAT

Channel Drain x 1m Plastic Grid CLKS422/96

Channel Drain x 1m Plastic Grid CLKS422/96£6.50 ex. VAT£7.80 inc. VAT

Debris/Leaf Trap CLKS 403

Debris/Leaf Trap CLKS 403£1.95 ex. VAT£2.34 inc. VAT

Pair End/Outlet Caps CLKS402

Pair End/Outlet Caps CLKS402£5.50 ex. VAT£6.60 inc. VAT

Quad Box HDPE Grate CD 406

Quad Box HDPE Grate CD 406£13.08 ex. VAT£15.70 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To Clark Drain Domestic Channel


Clark Drain Domestic Channel products are an effective solution when it comes to managing runoff rainwater. From residential and commercial areas to industrial complexes, these Clarkes drains are reliable for capturing water and diverting it away from outdoor spaces, hence, we offer a number of these at the Drainage Shop.


Features And Benefits Of Clark Drain Domestic Channel


The plastic used in these Clark drain domestic channel products present a wide range of benefits. These drainage channels are both element and chemical resistant due to the plastics used meaning that these products will show no signs of corrosion due to the water they come in contact with. The smooth plastics used also help facilitate water flow easier into their respective underground drainage systems, once again contributing to the overall effectiveness of these products.


These Clarkes drains  are also extremely lightweight especially for their size, meaning that they can easily be fitted into their desired areas. Despite the materials used, they still remain highly durable, being able to withstand external forces should they be exerted onto them.  Furthermore, these Clark drain domestic channel products can easily be coupled with other fixtures without any abundance of equipment being required.


Clark Drain Domestic Channel At The Drainage Shop


There are two main types of Clarkes drains we offer on site. These are the Channel Drain x 1m Galvanised Grid and Channel Drain x 1m Plastic Grid. Both of these, as can be denoted by their names, are 1m in length covering large areas to effectively collect any runoff water. The plastic grate features a sleek black plastic, with this aesthetic not distracting from a building's exterior, whilst the aluminium topped galvanised option is a little more stand out. However, this metal fixture could see the water flow into the respective drainage channel more effectively due to its smoother exterior.


As well as this, there are also Debris/Leaf Trap products within our Clark drain domestic channel range. These Clarkes drains accessories can collect any extra debris runoff water may be carrying, stopping it from entering the drainage system and subsequently preventing any potential blockages.


All of these different Clarkes drains also maintain an affordable price too meaning that these solutions remain cost effective for your project in both the long and short term.

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