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Deck-A-Drain Channel

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Deck-A-Drain Channel x 1m

Deck-A-Drain Channel x 1m£7.63 ex. VAT£9.16 inc. VAT

Deck-A-Drain Channel x 2m

Deck-A-Drain Channel x 2m£16.78 ex. VAT£20.14 inc. VAT

Deck-A-Drain Connector (internal fit)

Deck-A-Drain Connector (internal fit)£1.49 ex. VAT£1.79 inc. VAT

Deck-A-Drain End Cap

Deck-A-Drain End Cap£1.49 ex. VAT£1.79 inc. VAT

Deck-A-Drain Outlet Adaptor

Deck-A-Drain Outlet Adaptor£1.49 ex. VAT£1.79 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To Deck A Drain Channel


A Deck A Drain Channel is one of the many specialist drainage channels we house at the Drainage Shop. These options are most commonly utilised when it comes to residential areas such as driveways, patios and, of course, decking, with the products having a number of distinct characteristics and benefits which help them perform their role admirably.


Features And Benefits Of Deck A Drain Channel


One specific characteristic of a  Deck A Drain Channel is its shallow design, which is referred to as a ‘mini-profile’. Although these products have a lower capacity than some other drainage channels, do not let this distract you from the effectiveness these offer in terms of managing surface water around residential areas.


The PVC material used means that these products are both highly durable and corrosion resistant, not being affected by water, hence giving these products an impressively long lifespan. Furthermore, the PVC used in Deck A Drain Channel products keeps a sleek aesthetic, not distracting from the visuals of the areas they are installed.


Speaking of installation, this is another stand-out benefit offered by a Deck A Drain Channel. This can be attributed to their lightweight construction, once again a product of PVC. Due to this, no extensive manpower or equipment is needed in order to fit these applications.


Deck A Drain Channel At The Drainage Shop


When it comes to  Deck A Drain Channel products at the Drainage Shop, it is worth noting that all of these possess the same features and benefits which we have just discussed. Despite these properties being desirable, these products still manage to maintain a cost-effective price point, which is equally impressive.


One of the most versatile options within the Deck A Drain Channel range is the Deck-A-Drain Channel x 1m. As can easily be denoted, these products are 1m in length, being able to cover long distances outside of residential property in order to manage any surface water that may accumulate effectively. There is also a Deck-A-Drain Channel x 2m option available on site, with both of these having grates integrated into their design to catch any potential debris, hence preventing blockages and facilitating more efficient water flow.

As well as these two main Deck A Drain Channel components, there are other fittings and accessories that could easily be paired with these drainage channels, including the Deck-A-Drain Connector, End Cap and Outlet Adaptor.
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