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Bielbet Stainless Steel Channel Drainage

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A15 Drainage Channel x 1m Stainless Steel Grate

A15 Drainage Channel x 1m Stainless Steel Grate£33.83 ex. VAT£40.60 inc. VAT

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm

Bottom Outlet Adaptor to 110mm£3.50 ex. VAT£4.20 inc. VAT

Debris/Odour Trap

Debris/Odour Trap£6.95 ex. VAT£8.34 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

An Introduction to Bielbet Stainless Steel Channel Drainage

Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage is a linear drainage system designed for use in industrial and commercial settings, falling under the same category as Bielbet low profile channel drainage and Beilbet C250 channel drainage. These channels are typically made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes them durable, corrosion-resistant, and ideal for use in environments where hygiene and cleanliness are important.

SBielbet stainless steel channel drainage is designed to be mounted flush with the surrounding surface, creating a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. They consist of a narrow, linear channel or slot that is placed in the ground or floor, with a grate or cover on top to prevent debris from entering. If you want to install Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage, we have all the necessary components available here at the Drainage Shop. If you can't find the right product for you here we also stock a wide range of drainage channel products for all purposes.

Features and Benefits of Bielbet Stainless Steel Channel Drainage

There are many reasons that Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage is so popular in various industrial, commercial and residential settings. The durability of Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage fittings, once in place, means they will require little maintenance whilst remaining effective in removing excess water from the area. The stainless steel is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, moisture and chemicals, making them great for factories or areas of high rainfall/humidity. Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage is easy to clean and sanitise if needed and can be opened to clear out any debris carried into the system during use. 

The benefits of Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage include the long lifespan of these products due to the resistance to corrosion and durability of stainless steel. This level of durability can also be applied to the range of Beilbet yard drain units we also have on site. Moving back to the Beilbet stainless steel channel drainage benefits though, this reduces the need for frequent replacements and repairs, along with being easy to clean; this is great for users without the time to maintain a drainage system. The versatility of Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage makes them ideal for all purposes ranging from industrial and commercial kitchens to wineries.

The Bielbet stainless steel channel drainage we offer can be used to suit any purpose of liquid runoff and look fantastic whilst doing so. The stainless steel grate provides a clean finish which would suit both outdoor and indoor locations and allows for easy cleaning should the need arise. 

Bielbet Stainless Steel Channel Drainage at the Drainage Shop

As mentioned, everything you could need to install an effective and smart-looking stainless steel drain network is available here at the Drainage Shop. The main component of a successful drainage system are the channels used to collect waste; the 1m Stainless Steel Grate Drainage Channel we offer are perfect for this. These channels are 130mm Wide and 105mm Deep, with 3 bottom outlet points per length to dispose of the water/liquid collected. 

These outlet points are then connected to a Bottom 110mm Outlet Adaptor that is able to connect to a 110mm pipe. This adaptor is made from durable plastic that effectively provides a seal between the channel and the drainage network. Usage with a high risk of debris entering the drainage system might require an additional Debris/Odour Trap in the network. This feature can ensure the longevity of a drainage channel by stopping even the smallest particles from entering outlet pipes.

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