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Dek-Drain Channel Drainage

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Deck-Drain x 1m Plastic Grate

Deck-Drain x 1m Plastic Grate£7.63 ex. VAT£9.16 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain Junction Box Plastic Grate

Deck-Drain Junction Box Plastic Grate£7.65 ex. VAT£9.18 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain x 1m Galvanised Grate

Deck-Drain x 1m Galvanised Grate£9.03 ex. VAT£10.84 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain Junction Box Galvanised Grate

Deck-Drain Junction Box Galvanised Grate£8.04 ex. VAT£9.65 inc. VAT

Deck-Drain Accessories Bag

Deck-Drain Accessories Bag£3.75 ex. VAT£4.50 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

An Introduction To Dek Drain Channel Drainage


Whether it is for commercial, residential or even industrial spaces, managing any runoff rainwater is highly important. Dek Drain channel drainage products offer an effective surface drainage solution, with these being utilised especially when it comes to large paved areas. Dek Drain drainage channels have a number of benefits it can offer to a property, with there being a range of products from this range available at the Drainage Shop.


Features And Benefits Of Dek Drain Channel Drainage


One of the key features of Dek Drain channel drainage is its lightweight plastic construction. Even though these are often large in size, covering long areas, these products can easily be fitted without any heavy equipment or any extensive man power.


Although the materials used for these Dek Drain channel drainage products are lighter than some other standard underground drainage solutions, these options still manage to be highly durable and resistant to any forces it may be subjected to. Moreover, the material is both chemical and water resistant, meaning that the overall integrity of these Dek Drain products will not be impacted or show any signs of deterioration when coming into contact with these said elements.


Despite all the benefits that these Dek Drain channel drainage options offer though, they still manage to maintain an affordable price point. As a result of this, these solutions can be cost effective in both the short and long term.


Dek Drain Channel Drainage At The Drainage Shop


One of the most popular Dek Drain channel drainage products we house on site is the Deck Drain x 1m Plastic Grate. This long underground drainage solution can be utilised in a various number of different sectors due to its clean black aesthetic and overall effectiveness it offers in regards to managing runoff water. What's more, there is even a Deck Drain Junction Box Plastic Grate which could accommodate any required changes in direction for your drainage system, allowing multiple Dek Drain products to be connected together easily.


There are even galvanised versions of these two products on site as well, possessing all of the same benefits and features as well as having an aluminium grate fixed on the top of the sturdy plastic exterior. The Deck Drain x 1m Galvanised Grate and Deck Drain Junction Box Galvanised Grate provide a slightly sleeker aesthetic due to the metal fixtures, with the aluminium providing a more seamless flow capacity due to the smoothness of the exterior.

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