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Threshold Drainage Channel

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Threshold Drainage Corner Black Aluminium Grating

Threshold Drainage Corner Black Aluminium Grating£24.00 ex. VAT£28.80 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage Tee Black Aluminium Grating

Threshold Drainage Tee Black Aluminium Grating£32.63 ex. VAT£39.16 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage x 1m Aluminium Grating

Threshold Drainage x 1m Aluminium Grating£21.85 ex. VAT£26.22 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage Tee Aluminium Grating

Threshold Drainage Tee Aluminium Grating£32.63 ex. VAT£39.16 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage Corner  Aluminium Grating

Threshold Drainage Corner Aluminium Grating£23.61 ex. VAT£28.33 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage Coupling

Threshold Drainage Coupling£3.65 ex. VAT£4.38 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage End Cap

Threshold Drainage End Cap£3.65 ex. VAT£4.38 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage Inline Outlet to 50mm

Threshold Drainage Inline Outlet to 50mm£3.65 ex. VAT£4.38 inc. VAT

Threshold Drainage Bottom Outlet to 80mm

Threshold Drainage Bottom Outlet to 80mm£4.50 ex. VAT£5.40 inc. VAT

Fernco Adaptor 4''- 3'' (111-104mm x 85-75mm)

Fernco Adaptor 4"- 3" (111-104mm x 85-75mm)£16.22 ex. VAT£19.46 inc. VAT

2'' Flexible Coupling

2" Flexible Coupling£6.49 ex. VAT£7.79 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items

An Introduction to Threshold Drainage Channel

Threshold drainage channel is a type of drainage system that is designed to manage water runoff at the threshold of a doorway or entrance. These applications are part of the same category as Fernco storm drain and Kelsi Aquaflow channel drainage. It is typically used in commercial or residential buildings with a high risk of water entering the building through the entrance. The threshold drainage channel is an effective solution for managing water runoff at entrances, providing a durable and long-lasting solution that helps to prevent water damage and maintain a safe environment for building occupants.

If you are experiencing problems with water entering a private or commercial property from the entrance, we have all you need to create an effective threshold drainage channel. From grating and outlets to the adaptors ensuring an effectively sealed finish, all that you need can be found at the Drainage Shop.

Features and Benefits of Threshold Drainage Channel

There are numerous reasons that threshold drainage channel products at the Drainage Shop are so popular among customers. The shallow design of these products allows them to fit in seamlessly with the surrounding location. Despite the shallow depth of threshold drainage channel products, they are capable of handling significant water levels effectively, ensuring the interior of a threshold remains dry. The materials a threshold drainage channel is made from are durable, meaning once installed, the threshold drainage channel system will last and remain effective. The shallow feature of these drains means they are easy to clean and maintain to help them work effectively without costly repairs.

The main purpose of a threshold drainage channel is to stop water pooling around a building's entrance, potentially damaging the walls and foundations. These drainage channel systems collect excess water at the entrance to a building and connect it to a disposal pipe away from the building. This can positively affect the environment around a building by helping to lower the risk of floods by connecting excess water to a drainage system. As well as the practical benefits, these threshold drainage channels can enhance the aesthetic of a building with various colours and styles available.

It is clear to see why threshold drainage channel products have become so popular in recent years, with installing a system easier and cheaper than ever. If you are thinking about getting a threshold drainage channel installed, check out the different segments and styles of threshold drainage channel we offer at the Drainage Shop which includes Threshold Drainage x 1m Black Aluminium GratingThreshold Drainage x 1m Aluminium Grating, and more.

Threshold Drainage Channel at the Drainage Shop

All that you could need to make an effective threshold drainage channel system can be found right here, including the coupling and adaptor pieces needed to complete a channel of any size. The 2” Flexible Coupling, for example, provides a seal between joined pipes of the threshold drainage channel or can connect the channel to a local drain. 

The shallow drainage pieces of a threshold drainage channel system are available with black or original Aluminium Grating 1m in length. Align with providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to the drainage channel; these grates help to keep debris from clogging any part of the system. A watertight seal is needed to ensure these threshold drainage channel pieces' effectiveness; this is achieved using a Threshold Drainage End Cap and an Inline or Bottom Outlet. This setup allows for all excess water inside the threshold drainage channel to be held until it is disposed of via the intended outlet.

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