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Mufle Commercial Drainage Channel

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D400 Drainage Channel x 1m D/I Grate

D400 Drainage Channel x 1m D/I Grate£73.00 ex. VAT£87.60 inc. VAT

F900 Drainage Channel x 1m D/I Grate

F900 Drainage Channel x 1m D/I Grate£81.93 ex. VAT£98.32 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    2 Items

An Introduction To Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel


Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel is a specialised underground drainage solution designed for commercial and industrial applications. Tailored to handle large volumes of water, these products have a number of key characteristics and benefits that help them perform their intended task.


Features And Benefits Of Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel


As we have just briefly touched upon, Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel products are designed to manage higher capacities of runoff surface water. Thanks to their deep profiles, these can easily facilitate the flow of large volumes, with any exerted forces being accommodated thanks to the highly durable PVC construction.


The PVC used in the Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel range presents its own host of benefits, too. One of these is that it is resistant to water, other elements and chemicals. As the main role involves coming into contact with water, these drainage channels will not deteriorate or corrode over time, meaning their effectiveness and longevity remain impressive.


In addition to all this, these Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel products maintain a sleek aesthetic, being able to fit in various environments without standing out. What’s more, regardless of the environment, their lightweight nature means they can easily be fitted and integrated relatively hassle-free.


Commercial Mufle Drainage Channel At The Drainage Shop


When it comes to Commercial Mufle Drainage channel products here at the Drainage Shop, all of these come with the same characteristics and features which we have just mentioned. Despite the effectiveness these solutions could offer, they still remain at a price point that can be cost-effective for your project.


One of the main commercial Mufle Drainage Channel options we house is the D400 Drainage Channel x 1m D/I Grate. This sleek black product is highly durable, lightweight and has a deep profile, all key aspects that could be desirable for commercial application. However, if you are looking for a drainage channel with a deeper profile, the F900 Drainage Channel x 1m D/I Grate could be a solution, having an even higher capacity than the aforementioned Commerical Mufle Drainage Channel


Thanks to the grates fixed to the top of both of these Commercial Mufle Drainage Channels, the chances of any blocks and obstructions are highly reduced due to any debris being caught, preventing it from entering the drainage system.

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