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DekDrain Edge Slot Drain 90mm

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DekDrain Edge Accessory Bag

DekDrain Edge Accessory Bag£4.17 ex. VAT£5.00 inc. VAT

DekDrain Edge Corner Quad

DekDrain Edge Corner Quad£12.00 ex. VAT£14.40 inc. VAT

DekDrain Edge Drainage Channel x 1m

DekDrain Edge Drainage Channel x 1m£12.27 ex. VAT£14.72 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

An Introduction To 90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain


In terms of highly effective drainage channels, one brand that comes to mind is DekDrain. They have a range of products that can efficiently and effectively manage runoff surface water in various environments, with one prime example being the 90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain.


Features And Benefits Of 90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain


When it comes to the materials used in the construction of 90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain products, the main one you will likely encounter is PVC. This highly durable plastic is used in a whole range of underground drainage products thanks to its resistance to water and other elements. Due to this, these solutions are not susceptible to degradation or corrosion, remaining consistently effective throughout their long lifespan.


The 90mm size of these options is also a huge benefit on its own as this can accommodate large volumes of water, managing runoff in an effective manner to reduce the accumulation of water and any potential waterlogging. To prevent the accumulation of water on the surface, these 90mm DekDrain channel drainage products also feature a slotted surface.


90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain At The Drainage Shop


Here at the Drainage Shop, we offer a collection of 90mm DekDrain Edge slot drain options, each one having the features and benefits that have just been touched upon. Even though these products are extremely effective and perform their intended task, the price point of these options remains affordable, keeping them cost-effective as a whole.


One of the main 90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain products we offer on-site is the DekDrain Edge Drainage Channel x 1m. Being a longer product at 1m in length, these products can cover large areas when paired together, effectively managing any surface water and not standing out due to their sleeker black aesthetic.

It's not only this main 90mm DekDrain Edge Slot Drain component that is available either, with there also being a DekDrain Edge Corner Quad as well as a DekDrain Edge accessory bag, with all the included components being able to be integrated seamlessly.
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