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EBP Galvanised Slot Drain

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Galvanised Steel Slot Drain x 1m

Galvanised Steel Slot Drain x 1m£27.50 ex. VAT£33.00 inc. VAT

Accessory Pack for Galv Slot Drain

Accessory Pack for Galv Slot Drain£9.98 ex. VAT£11.98 inc. VAT

Corner Unit for Galvanised Slot Drain

Corner Unit for Galvanised Slot Drain£7.50 ex. VAT£9.00 inc. VAT

Page 1 of 1:    3 Items

An Introduction To EBP Galvanised Slot Drain


The EBP Galvanised Slot Drain range offers a collection of specialist drainage channels designed to efficiently manage any runoff or stormwater to prevent waterlogging and any potential water hazards from happening around a building. Whether these are fitted in residential, commercial or industrial areas, the EBP Galvanised Slot Drain offers a number of key benefits and characteristics.


Features And Benefits Of EBP Galvanised Slot Drain


As can be denoted by their name, the EBP Galvanised Slot Drain collection features galvanised steel fixtures on top of them. This is highly resistant to corrosion, whether that be from chemicals or water, with the material also possessing impressive durability and overall strength. Coupled with the PVC that these underground drainage products are also constructed with, this makes these products long-lasting and suitable for a range of different environments.


The EBP Galvanised Slot Drain range also features a number of products with deep profiles, with the products being able to accommodate high flow capacities as a result of this. Furthermore, thanks to the smooth interior of the PVC used, this can allow the water to flow more effectively, with blockages being reduced thanks to the grate catching any potential debris. Taking all of these characteristics into consideration, though, these galvanised drainage channels still manage to stay lightweight, allowing for ease of installation.


EBP Galvanised Slot Drain At The Drainage Shop


The EBP Galvanised Slot Drain range at the Drainage Shop features a number of different products, each of which keeps an affordable price point whilst also maintaining all of the features and benefits we have just touched upon.

One of the main options is the Galvanised Steel Slot Drain x 1m. This longer drainage channel can allow high volumes of water to flow through it effortlessly, with the galvanised steel portion extending the lifespan of the product and ensuring its reliable performance. As well as this, there is also a Corner Unit for galvanised slot drain products, with this being easily paired with the range of other EBP Galvanised Slot Drain options on site.
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