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PRV & Gauge (9095) FI x MI

An Introduction To PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI


PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI refers to a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) with a gauge, featuring a ½ inch female inlet (FI) and a ¾ inch male outlet (MI). This type of valve, often included in the Plasson valves range, is designed to regulate and reduce incoming water pressure to a more manageable and consistent level. It is a common component in residential and commercial plumbing systems and is available at suppliers such as the Drainage Shop, making it accessible for various applications including underground drainage.


The PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI functions by controlling the water pressure entering a system, reducing it to a safe and steady level. The gauge attached to the valve allows for easy monitoring of the pressure level, ensuring it stays within desired parameters. This is particularly important in systems where high water pressure can cause damage to MDPE pipes and connected appliances, or in areas where water pressure fluctuation is common.


Features And Benefits Of PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI


This PRV & Gauge features a robust construction typical of Plasson valves, designed for durability and reliability. The valve is equipped with an adjustable pressure setting, allowing customization according to specific system requirements. The gauge provides real-time pressure readings, and the ½” FI x ¾” MI sizing ensures compatibility with a range of pipe sizes. The design of PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI products stays compact and user-friendly, facilitating easy installation and adjustment.


The benefits of the PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI include enhanced protection of plumbing systems from damage caused by excessive pressure. Its adjustable settings allow for precise control over water pressure, improving the overall efficiency and safety of the system. The gauge provides convenient monitoring, reducing the risk of pressure-related issues. Such a valve is essential in maintaining the integrity of underground drainage systems, and its availability at the Drainage Shop makes it a practical choice for both professional and DIY installations.


PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI Products At The Drainage Shop


The main PRV & Gauge ½” FI x ¾” MI product on this page is the PRV & Gauge ½” Female x ¾” Male which is WRAS approved and is made from DZR material in order to provide longevity and reliability. Inserting a pipe into this valve will create a seal on both ends.

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