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Fire Collars

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32mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

32mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£8.58 ex. VAT£10.30 inc. VAT

40mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

40mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£8.58 ex. VAT£10.30 inc. VAT

55mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

55mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£6.20 ex. VAT£7.44 inc. VAT

63mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

63mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£9.98 ex. VAT£11.98 inc. VAT

75mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

75mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£11.08 ex. VAT£13.30 inc. VAT

82mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

82mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£7.63 ex. VAT£9.16 inc. VAT

90mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

90mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£12.93 ex. VAT£15.52 inc. VAT

110mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

110mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£10.30 ex. VAT£12.36 inc. VAT

125mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

125mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£15.67 ex. VAT£18.80 inc. VAT

160mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

160mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£21.73 ex. VAT£26.08 inc. VAT

200mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

200mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£93.02 ex. VAT£111.62 inc. VAT

250mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)

250mm Fire Collar (4hr rated)£95.91 ex. VAT£115.09 inc. VAT

Astro PFP FR Acrylic Fire Rated Mastic

Astro PFP FR Acrylic Fire Rated Mastic£3.12 ex. VAT£3.74 inc. VAT


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items

An Introduction To Fire Collars


Fire collars are critical safety devices used in building construction to enhance fire protection. They are installed around gas service pipes or conduits that pass through fire-rated walls or floors. The primary function of a fire collar is to maintain the integrity of a fire-resistant barrier when it's penetrated by building services. 


In the event of a fire, the materials within the collar expand when exposed to high temperatures, sealing off the gap around the pipe. This action prevents the spread of fire and smoke through these openings, thereby slowing down the fire's progression and contributing significantly to the building's overall fire safety strategy.


They come in various sizes to fit different pipe diameters and can be used with a range of pipe materials like plastic, metal, or composite. The installation of fire collars is a key part of compliance with fire safety regulations in many regions. They are widely used in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, playing a vital role in protecting life and property by enhancing the effectiveness of fire containment measures. These parts are not involved in things like underground drainage but they are very important in their own right.


Features And Benefits Of Fire Collars


The primary benefit of fire collars is their contribution to building safety by preventing the spread of fire and smoke. In the event of a fire, they quickly seal off openings around pipes, maintaining the effectiveness of fire-rated barriers. This action significantly slows down fire propagation, providing more time for evacuation and firefighting efforts. Fire collars also help in meeting regulatory compliance for fire safety, thereby reducing the risk of legal and insurance implications for building owners.


Fire collars feature a combination of metal clamping systems and intumescent materials. The intumescent material, typically a form of graphite or other expandable compound, is key to their functionality. On exposure to heat, this material expands to many times its original size, filling any gaps and creating a fire-resistant seal. Fire collars are designed to be versatile, fitting different sizes and types of pipes, including plastic, metal, and composite. Their easy installation and low maintenance requirements make them a practical choice in fire safety management.


Fire Collars At The Drainage Shop


You can buy various fire collars at the Drainage Shop, all which come in a bright red colour to match the other fire hazard-related items like fire hydrants and hydrant covers. These products include the 32mm fire collar, 40mm, 55mm, 63mm, 75mm, and 82mm fire collar to name a few, although they range all the way up to 250mm.

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